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What is the utility of the $BSTVPN token? $BST tokens are required for the full integration of BOOSTVPN into the ecosystem. Tokens will also be issued to node owners to incentivize increased decentralization and network stability. The team is working on the possibility of further expanding use cases, one of which is the XСrypto network. Integration into the ecosystem will allow replacing BEP-20 $BST tokens with native managerial cryptocurrencies XCR-880 $BSTVPN. $BST can be used not only to buy a VPN, but also for staking, which is necessary to run nodes and, in turn, to provide VPN services and make money from it. You can also delegate your share to other existing service nodes.
$BSTVPN could be used not only to purchase VPN, but also for staking, which is required for running nodes and in turn providing VPN services and earning from it. One can also choose to delegate their stake to other existing nodes providing services.
When can we expect listing on more exchanges? We plan new listings in the future, but we can’t comment on it due to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) issues.