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Basic Information token and staking

🔸Token Name: $BST
🔸Token Symbol: BOOST
🔸Contract Address: 0x136561788492c78d143cf77e2b912ab29b6ec949 ·
🔸Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) ·
🔸 Max Supply: 800,000,000 all token are pre minted
Token Allocation Blockchain Staking up to 2% daily Beginner Staking up to 1%
In Daily Offer: VPN Accumulation: 10%/month Smart-Contract Time: 24 months Referrals: 10% Advanced Staking up to 1.5% In
Daily Offer: BoostADS Accumulation: 15%/month Smart-Contract Time: 36 months Referrals: 10% Popular Governor Staking up to 2% In Daily Offer:
Boost Case Accumulation: 20%/month Smart-Contract Time: 60 month Referrals: 10% Holder Unlimited Offer: Boost Token Accumulation: 5% every 3 month Smart-Contract Time: Unlimited Referrals: 10%